Southside Church of Christ

Southside Church of Christ

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1401 SE 25th Avenue
Mineral Wells, Texas 76067
Telephone: 940-325-1334

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PO Box 1249
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Missionary Reports...October 2018

October 2018 Newsletter
Beloved family Southside Coc.
Philippians 1:2 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Thankfulness and Prayer. We are praying for your health and family. We are facing many challenges and troubles in my family and in ministries. Still, God is great and awesome. Philippians 3:14; I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. We are thankful and great full for your generous support and abundant love and life in Christ.
October 2018 Baptisms:
10/07/2018 Andhra Pradesh three were Baptised
10/07/2018 Odisha two were Baptised
10/14/2018 Telangana two were Baptised
10/14/2018 West Bengal one was Baptised
10/14/2018 Andhra Pradesh two were Baptised
10/16/2018 Karnataka one was Baptised
10/21/2018 Karnataka two were Baptised
10/28/2018 Odisha One was Baptised
10/28/2018 Telangana one was Baptised
Total 15 were Baptised in month of October.

October 1st to 3rd Serilanka church of christ conducted 11th Lectureship. Brother Jabaraj from Chenni and T.Daniel Raju taught the theme on "The Mind of Christ" Philippines 2:5. We are blessed by God. Local Congregation is a Self-supported for every activity in the church. Our Elders and my father T. Israyelu, preacher appreciated Bro Royce and Rick for their continued support and encouragement for this village work. Two more elders will be appointed at the July second week 2019.

October 15th & 16th taught Bible study group at Khandavalli villages. First two day, we had Preacher Student group classes. Twenty three were attended and learned about New Testament Church and Lord's communion. Brother Subhan, is R.M.P Doctor and our student preacher, he is recently converted from Musilem family. He is planted new congregation at Kanakuppa village. We encouraged him with $ 80-00 gift donated by Serilanka congregation for Bicycle for his village ministry. He is striving hard in Tribal village. October 17th, we had a wonderful gospel meeting at Gollapalli forest Village. After night meeting, while we are going back to town our two wheeler stopped by heavy rain at 11:10 pm. Two wild elephants came to road from Gollapalli forest. Local preacher and i was hiding at behind big Rock and escaped from Elephants. Brother Devaraj motor bike was damaged by two Elephants. I'm so scared this dangerous situation. He told me that one tiger is here in this forest, never tasted the human blood. I praise God for His protection. October 18th we Evanzilised Irdhehal Hindu village and moved to Dharmastalam for preaching, while I was preaching in a small thatched hut (V.H.P)Viswava Hindu Parishat group came and damaged the Books, Bibles, Lord's Supper traces And alter. They canceled the meeting, brother Shaleem and we went to another Coloney. Church members gather for worship in one house for two weeks. They are changing their houses frequently by the V.H.P.

October 14th Sunday night one lady was Baptised. Sister Satya taught her gospel.

Please convey our love to all saints in Christ.
Yours brother
Daniel Raju Tatapudi
Pasuvulanka Coc,
Serilanka post,
Kesunukurru Palem (S.O)
East Godavari District,
Andhra Pradesh, India. 533220.