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Missionary Reports...September 2018

September 2018 Newsletter
Dear brothers and sisters;
Southside Church of Christ. We thank you for your great love and prayers. We thankful to your monthly funding.
We are doing well in our India ministries by your combined efforts. September month 11 are baptised. Continue to pray for our work.
We love all saints.
Yours brother
T. Daniel Raju

Beloved Southside Church of Christ
Hearty greetings to you and Church family there.
Philippines 1:5 We thank God for all who are working from first day to till now ... and spreading Truth and Love in Kingdom work with us. We need your continued prayers and Support to our combined India work. We appreciated and thanking your generous Support. Your prayer support made these following Baptisms.
9/2/2018 Telangana two were Baptised
9/2/2018 Odisha one was Baptised
9/5/2018 Andhra Pradesh two were Baptised
9/9/2018 West Bengal one was Baptised
9/16/2018 Telangana one was Baptised
9/16/ 2018 Tamilnadu two were Baptised
9/23/ 2018 Andhra Pradesh two were Baptised
Total 11 were obeyed the Gospel.

September 3rd & 4th we had a two day great Bible Seminar through Pasuvulanka School of Preaching Module classes at Odisha State in Khandamal District with Preacher Suneel Digal. Twenty Seven preachers studied the World Bible school lesson "How to become a Christian and Establishing New Testament Church in your community". we saw their interest is highly great to study the Gods Word. Local Congregation feed the lunch. Everybody thanking your Prayer support to our India infant churches. Next ten years our congregation would be adult churches.

September 13th & 14th two Hindu ladies from Choudhary family came to this meetings at Tuni, Payakaraopeta village. After the two sermons they decided to follow Jesus. They requested Telugu Holy Bibles, I will send them soon if possibly. Morning to evening we distributed Gospel tracts and visited door to door prayers with local preacher N. Phillip.

September five Sundays our Prison Evangelist taught Matthews 8 & 9 chapters.
Matthews chapter 8
Jesus Cleansed the Lepers
Matthew 9 chapter Jesus Forgives and Heals a Paralytic. Prison inmates had asked lot of questions about Healing power of Divine God. They believed that it is really touched their hearts physically and spiritually. One lady request baptism on October 14th Sunday evening while she will released from Prison.

Kindly Pray and support for Medical Camp and other Relief work to be conducted for Kerala Flood Victims at Kalloor, Cochin & Kuttanad, Alleppey states.
Please convey our regards and love to all saints in Christ.
Yours brother
T. Daniel Raju.
Pasuvulanka Coc,
Serilanka post,
Kesunukurru Palem (S.O)
East Godavari District,
Andhra Pradesh, India. 533220.

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September 2018 September 2018
September 2018 September 2018
September 2018 September 2018
September 2018 September 2018
September 2018 September 2018
September 2018 September 2018
September 2018 September 2018
September 2018 September 2018