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Missionary Reports...February 2019

February 2019 Newsletter
My dearest Brother Kent Groze & Southside Coc Family
Christian greetings from Pasuvula Lanka Churches of Christ. I hope you are doing well. We remember you in our daily prayers. We are praying for your family and health. We thankful and appreciated for your love and financial support for our India work. January and February, we distributed 3,155 Holy Bibles, we thank God for your Bible funds. It is immense pleasure that Brother Brain Poe and I were worked together for eight days from Feb 3rd to 10th, 2019. Brother Brain Poe preachings were made strong faithful Christians.

02/03/2019 Andhra Pradesh six were Baptised
02/03/2019 Telangana two were Baptised
02/08/ 2019 Andhra Pradesh two were Baptised
02/10/2019 Odisha one was Baptised
02/10/2019 Andhra Pradesh five were Baptised
02/17/2019 Odisha one was Baptised
02/17/2019 West Bengal two were Baptised
02/24/2019 Tamilnadu two were Baptised
02/24/2019 Odisha one was Baptised
02/24/2019 West Bengal one was Baptised
Total 23 were obeyed the Gospel. They need your prayers to be strong in faith.

God has sent brother Brain Poe to India; He visited Andhra Pradesh on Feb 2nd night and we discussed our schedule and prepare for next Sunday schedule.
Feb 3rd, he preached at Serilanka Island congregation, after his preaching two were baptised. Serilanka congregation purchased six Sewing machines for poor people and widows in the church to train them in 2017 January. Our local congregation have limited funds to running this project. Since four months training Center is closed due to lack of funds. Brother Brain Poe prayed for this project not to condemn the machines. If any one is interested to support and lift up and empower the poor ladies in the church, it would be great blessing to them.
Afternoon he preached at Pasuvulanka congregation, after his preaching two were Baptised in to Christ. Brain Poe appointed two elders in the Church. Now we have three elders and two decans.

Feb 4th , Fifty preacher gathered at Koppavaram village and lent Gods word. Same day preached at other three village congregation, two villages are needed Building Without Walls.

Feb 5th to 7th Night gospel meetings were conducted 200 members attended at New Vipper village. Day time preached at Gudivada village, they enjoyed with good sermons, children gladly received gift from U.S.A. saints.

Feb 8th morning 9:00 am worked among School children at Muramalla village, near to Pasuvulanka and taught Christian moral education with Good Samaritan story.
10:00 am worked among other Kindergarden school at Pasuvulanka village. They enjoyed with songs and Bible story.
Preachers meeting conducted at Pasuvulanka village 11:00 am to 5:00 pm and fifty six preachers learned about Biblical principles in three sermons. After meeting Bibles and gospel tracts distributed for the preachers. Night street gospel meeting conducted at Dulla village among Hindu community and gave a Cycle for the local preacher.

Feb 9th worked at Peddapuram village and more time spent with brother T.C.H. Fleming's family.

Feb 10th Sunday worked with Brother D. Israyeluraju and his five congregation. We dropped Brother Brain Poe at Kakinada Rickey Gootam's house for night schedule.

February 3rd weak three days, I have taken rest at my home after Brain Poe Schedule finished. Then, we worked again as our fixed Sunday, Wednesday schedule along with house visits. We got good response from Brother Brain Poe preachings at different villages, they requested him for next time visit.

We thank God for your March monthly Funds $400, gladly received for my ministry and family. We thank you for your precious support.

Yours brother in Christ,
Evangelist T.Daniel Raju
Pasuvulanka Coc,
Serilanka post,
Kesunukurru Palem (S.O)
East Godavari District,
Andhra Pradesh, India. 533220.