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Southside Church of Christ

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Missionary Reports...January 2019

January 2019 Newsletter
Dearest family Southside church family.
Greetings from Pasuvula Lanka Churches of Christ. How are you? How is your health? We are praying for the saints in Christ, and for sister Alex health and her medical treatment.
We appreciated and thankful for your Bibles Funds to India work to grow spiritually, our preachers received your blessings and Bibles gladly. We have been sending Bibles to their
congregation. We were busy on working and sending Bible packages and re-packed since January and February. Thank you for your love and prayers for Bibles. Luke 11:28 “More than that,
blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it!”

01/01/2019 Andhra Pradesh two were Baptised
01/01/2019 Odisha two were Baptised
01/01/2019 Telangana one was Baptised
01/13/2019 Andhra Pradesh two were Baptised
01/20/2019 Odisha one was Baptised
01/20/2019 Andhra Pradesh two were Baptised
West Bengal two were Baptised
01/27/2019 Tamilnadu two were Baptised
01/27/2019 Andhra Pradesh one was Baptised
Fifteen were obeyed the Gospel. They need your prayers to grow strong in the Lord.

Preachers meeting conducted January 4th at Eluru preacher Raju invited Twenty seven preachers, they were Studied World Bibles School first lesson on "The Way to Life". Fourteen
preachers requested this course in their local Congregation for young people.

PASUVULANKA SCHOOL OF PREACHING: January 9th Brother Pethuru called twenty three preachers studied Epistle to Galatians, we stressed on "One True Gospel " three preachers do
not have church buildings in their villages. Some Hindu religious leaders against to the Devaguptam village preacher.

Bible study was conducted at Chenni in January 10th & 11th, I was preaching in English bro Dattan Translate in Tamil language on Titus 3:8 "Faithfulness"at Chenni small bible
study at thatched house. This is good congratulation. One brother met an accident, please pray for his family and speed recovery.

Preachers family Bible seminar conducted on January 14th to 16th at Gudaluru village of Karnataka state conducted by brother Jebaraj. Twenty preachers attend with their family.
Total sixty people were learnt the theme "The time has come to reap the harvest" We were working at Elephants region.

Thank you for your monthly $400 for India ministries. We thanking your wonderful love.
In His Service
T.Daniel Raju, Evangelist
Pasuvulanka Coc,
Serilanka post,
Kesunukurru Palem (S.O)
East Godavari District,
Andhra Pradesh, India. 533220.