Southside Church of Christ

Southside Church of Christ

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Missionary Reports..June 2019

June 2019 Report
Greetings to beloved brother Rick & Kent in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Your prayers made safe travel to Odisha Storm Victims to help your precious funds for their daily needs, they are blessed with blankets, sarees and grocery. They are doing well by the Grace of God and your financial support. Many Hindu villages knowing the name of Jesus first time through your Relief work. We are spreading and blessed by the gospel through your great encouragement, prayers and support.

06/02/2019 Tamil Nadu One was Baptised
06/02/2019 Andhra Pradesh Two were Baptised
06/09/2019 Andhra Pradesh One was Baptised
06/09/2019 Odisha One was Baptised
06/16/2019 West Bengal One was Baptised
06/23/2019 Andhra Pradesh
Two were Baptised.
06/30/ 2019 Karnataka One was Baptised
Nine were obeyed the gospel

June 2nd & 3rd, 2019
Gospel meetings conducted at Preacher Durjaya baptised at Chennai. He needs church building in this Hindu community area.

June 5th sister A. Satyaveni father memorial ceremony conducted at Rajahmundry. Though, they are Hindus, agreed to pray for this family in first time. All their relatives and sister Satya mother confessed Jesus is Lord and God.

June 6th, we prayed for brother Ron Clyton good health and speedy recovery.

June 8th, half saree celebration held at Serilanka village at sister Chandravathi house. Three hundred and twenty people attend for this meeting and had a big lunch served by them. Nine Hindu people requested Bibles after the meeting. They are interested to study the Gods word.

June 8th to 13th 2019.
Medications, Blankets and Sarees purchased sent to Odisha Cyclone Relief and Recovery from Rajahmundry.
We are glad and appreciated your funding for Recovery of Odisha STORM area.
I went to Odisha on June 15th to 23rd for Cyclone Relief.
My team and I was distributed Medications, Blankets and grocery food items for Cyclone Victims. Seven days worked among them, two travel day. Total nine days, God has blessed me. Few days we don't have electricity, Couple of days heavy rain, more mosquitoes are bitten, we used coils for night sleep.
My mobile switched off, there is no net work here. We missed many pictures in night time. Thank God for your Storm Relief.

June 29th, Vacation Bible School held at Gunnammeraka congregation. Classes taught from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Twenty Four Children participated this day. The Theme "Love your neighbour" memory verses quoted, Bible quiz, songs sang by the every child. Crafts work done by kids. Gifts were presented for their encouragement.
Thank God for your precious monthly funds $400 for June, 2019. Your prayers and support is the great encouragement for India work.

Yours brother in Christ,
Evangelist T.Daniel Raju
Mailing Address:
Serilanka post,
Kesunukurru Palem (S.O)
East Godavari District,
Andhra Pradesh, India. 533220.