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Southside Church of Christ

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Missionary Reports...DECEMBER 2020


Dear loving Church Family, Brother Kent & Rick Johnson.
We wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year. I love Christmas and finding good gifts for my Eternal Father spreading the joy of this season. And to know Christ is honored around the world. We don’t know the exact day of His birth in the Bible. But He was born and recorded in the Bible. Rejoice the World honors Him and Praise Him. We are praying for brother Royce Frederick health. Greetings from India. I Hope that you are doing well. Thank God for all the blessings in 2020. God has done many things by Christ and through your financial support and prayer support made the gospel work successful in India. We are blessed with personal evangelism, door to door visiting the sick and prayers, church building laying foundation stones and celebrating and thanks giving meetings.

12/06/2020 Telangana State One was Baptized
12/06/2020 Andhra Pradesh State One was Baptized
12/13/2020 West Bengal State Two were Baptized
12/13/2020 Odhisha State Five were Baptized
12/20/2020 Odhisha State One was Baptized
12/20/2020 Andhra Pradesh One was Baptized
12/27/2020 Andhra Pradesh State Two were Baptized
12/27/2020 Tamil Nadu State One was Baptized
12/27/2020 Andhra Pradesh State Two were Baptized

Total Sixteen were obeyed the Great commission.

Our congregations gladly did good work in this month. Weddings -2, Thanks giving prayers-5, Birthday meetings -2. Memorial meetings -1 Bible study groups -4, Visiting sick people houses - 12. Zoom Bible study -4. House dedication- 2, Regular visits of village congregations-7. Friday Bible study with brother Brian.

LOLLA CHURCH OF CHRIST: I visited LOLLA CHURCH OF CHRIST needs concrete roof. Please pray for their needs. Our government is very strict to providing Sand, it is scarcity in India.

EVANGLIZING DENOMINATIONS: December 15th Old Batlapalika village conducted Christmas, I was invited for guest speaker. I preached about Historical Jesus and Salvation for all mankind from 1Timothy 4:10 We trust in the living God, who is the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe. Five hundred people gathered there and few Denomination Preachers appreciated the truth and interested to learn the truth. We would like to help them Bible Study and distribute WBS booklets "How to become a Christian and establish New Testament Church in your community".

PREACHERS MEETING: December 24th Preachers meeting held at Pekeru village, brother Prasad invited 36 Preachers and provided lunch for the local congregation. Preacher learnt about Epistles to Philoman. It was the great blessing gather together with distance and sanitation.

FAMILY CHRISTMAS: Christmas celebration on Dec 30 th celebrated at Pasuvulanka and Serilanka congregations. We provided food for church family and clothing for Widows and Orphans. Serilanka congregation membership is 150 members this building is not sufficient to gathering as well as rain water leaking during rainy season. We need your great encouragement and support for this new building project. We requested our Psnchayati No Objection certificate, it is difficult in time, we request your prayers to grant permission from Village Elders and Mandsl magistrate.

God is great for your generous $400.00 monthly support for December, we received gladly. We are doing great job for Kingdom expansion. Coney our warm greetings to all our church family there. We appreciate your monthly $150.00 for Sewing center, sister Satya organizing well.

Yours brother in Christ,
T. Daniel Raju, Evangelist
Pasuvulanka coc
Kesunukurru Palem (S.O)
East Godavari District,
Andhra Pradesh,
India. 533220.