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Southside Church of Christ

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Missionary Reports...JANUARY 2020

Dear loving brother Kent Groze & Southside Church of Christ.
Hearty greetings to you and your family in the precious name of Jesus Christ. I was admitted in hospital MICU at Rajahmundry for a week, I was suffering from Dengue Fever. Sorry for my delay reports. We are safe and fine by the Grace of God. We appreciated your prayers and financial support for our India work. Brother Brain Poe and Brother Peter Morphy did great work in India. We appreciated their hard work in our villages.

01/05/2020 Andhra Pradesh State Two were Baptised
01/05/2020 Telegana State Two were Baptised
01/12/2020 Andhra Pradesh State Two were Baptised
01/19/2020 West Bengal State One was Baptised
01/19/2020 Odisha state Two were Baptised
01/26/2020 Tamil Nadu State
Two were Baptised.
Total eleven were obeyed the truth. Please pray for their spiritual growth.

We celebrated new year love feast at serilanka congregation in January 1st. Our local congregation provided food for seven hundred people. Given saries for 30 widows and blankets for 6 widowers. Our local government and political leaders recognised TDR Charitable work and Christ love in Island congregation.
January 2nd we celebrated new year love feast at Pasuvulanka congregation and proved food for 69 School children age 4-10 years kindergarten. They are so much happy to join with us in singing and reading bible and quoting Memory verses. And also 400 village people came to this meeting and enjoyed food and fellowship with us. This is the great blessing for new visitors.

January 11th retreat conducted at Lanka of Tanelanka. Twenty three young men attend for this meeting. We taught 2Timothy 2:2 about faithfulness. These young young men glorified God and dedicated their life for Christ.

Night Gospel meeting was conducted at Vadisaleru village.
Preacher Syam proved food for two hundred and ten people. We preached about "Christ was crucified and rose again ".

We thank you for your precious monthly support for my family and ministry. We are happy to work with you for our Eternal and Heavenly family. Coney our love and greetings to all our church family.

Yours brother in Christ,
T.Daniel Raju, Minister
Serilanka post,
Kesunukurru Palem (S.O)
East Godavari District,
Andhra Pradesh,
India. 533220.
WhatsApp: 9100053333