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Southside Church of Christ

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Missionary Reports...March through May 2020

March to May quarterly report, 2020

Greetings dear brothers and Sisters in Christ God works in our lives through the easy, happy and good times. He also shapes our character and builds our faith strong in the days of suffering and trials. Often when things are going good, we don't rely on God or call out to Him like we do when we sense an immediate and present need for His presence, peace and power.

God's grace, We are doing well, visiting church members house individually by maintaining social distance and mask. We we're praying and encourage them in to keep strong Faith during this Corona Crisis and tough time.

Thank God for three months Lockdown time, God's grace and mercy bestowed upon our lives. April 27th bro Brian Poe gave $400.00 one time gifts for Corona Crisis Charity for each preacher total 17 preachers received your Christ love.

Sister M. Bhavani 22 years young lady passed away by sickness. Two boys became Orphans, children age 2 year 13 month boy. Those two boys became orphans and hopeless. My family served the food for the seven days. Those orphas near by our church building. We we're providing food for them and caring them. One of their widow granny taking care of boys bathing and nursing. Continue to b pray for their family comfort and Care. We appreciated Brother Brian Poe mother in law gave generious love and support $200.00 for the Children on May 2nd, we distributed funds on May 17th.

$1000.00 Funds sent by brother Rick Johnson. Thank God for Christ love demonstrated by the CHURCHES OF CHRIST DONORS,U.S.A. in the difficult times of Corona Crisis. We love you all for your help and support stands behind in our physical troubles. May 7th Thursday 2020. Drinking water supplied for Sarilana, Sitaramapuram and saladarivaripalem villages, 800 family blessed with Christ love. Pasuvulanka Churches of Christ very great full for your loving heart.

We appreciated all the Saints in the difficult times of Corona Crisis. We are blessed by your amazing Christ love. Thank you for your help and support that you given tramoundus way on May 8th Friday, Vegetables supplied for Pasuvulanka village, 226 families blessed with Christ love. Door delivery did by Church youth.

And also total 18 preachers family blessed with your one time preachers gifts. Thank you brother Rick for your $1000.00 Corona Crisis Charity.

Sister Satya received March monthly funds $100.00 Sewing center is closed from last month due to Covid 19. They are doing well and having good health and phone communication each lady. Thank you for your kind support and prayers for her work. Our love to Sister Sally, Sister Penny Johnson and ladies group.

We appreciate your prayers and support to India work. Three months 18 Baptism occurred in India. Convey my love to your family and church members.
Yours brother
T.Daniel Raju, Minister