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Southside Church of Christ

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Missionary Reports...March-April-ending-2020

March - April Year Ending Report 2020 BY TDR & Pasuvulanka Churches of Christ
From T. Daniel Raju

My dear brother Rick Johnson, Kent Groze & Mineral Wells Church of Christ. We appreciated your monthly funds for my family and India Missions. Thank you for all your encouragement and support India Evangelism work that I received every month $400.00. We can do nothing without God’s help and your support. We give Special thanks to our beloved donors and their sacrifice, time and money using your good efforts to India work for fruitful work. It's s great blessing for us and praying for you every day. We are remembering your great service with loving gratitude every time. We praise God for the love of His saints which makes the fruitful evangelism here in India villages.< /br>< /br> Your prayer support made thousands of souls coming to Jesus Christ by every year through Your Financial Support and help in this area preaching, teaching and sharing the Love of Christ. We appreciate your sacrifice and commitment for kingdom expansion.

MONTHLY FINANCIAL EXPENDITURE STATEMENT: Every month I am spending following family and Ministry welfare $400.00
1. Monthly Sunday contributions $40.00
2. Family Food and Water $130.00
3. Family Medications $50.00
4. Church building Electricity Bill $25.00
5. Ministry (PMP) Medical Practitioner fee 25.00 at Serilanka Widows
6. Ministry Transportation, Gas $50.00
7. Four visiting Preachers Benevolence $50.00
8. Ministry Evangelism Food $10.00
9. Recurring Deposit $20.00 Our ministry welfare, transportation, little one-time gift for local preacher, Gospel meeting expenses and small benevolence for Orphans Widows, Lepers. And also, food in train and bus to me and another person who accompanies me to Village preaching work.

Convey our regards and love to all our Church family there.

Pasuvulanka church contribution per year $680.00

TDR Contribution included.<
1. Widows Christmas clothing $ 124.00
2. Orphans Christmas clothing $123.00
3. Gospel meetings expenses $90.00
4. Corona Crisis Charity 25 kg Rice bags for 25 Widows $333.00
5. Saved $10.00 in Bank

Your brother T. Daniel Raju,
Minister Pasuvulanka Coc,
Serilanka post,
Kesunukurru Palem (S.O) East Godavari District,
Andhra Pradesh, India. 533220.